Cancellation Winter Classics 2021

Refund Winter Classics 2021

Following the new corona measures announced by the government, the Winter Classics will be canceled.

To limit the impact on the events sector and protect the interests of ticket holders, the Minister of Economy has decided to take measures. The Ministerial Decree of December 22, 2021 on the cancellation of private and public activities of a cultural, social, festive, folkloric, sporting and recreational nature, suspends the mandatory reimbursement of tickets and allows the issuance of a voucher equal to the amount paid. READ ALL THE REGULATIONS on the website of the Federal Public Service Economy

ABC Events Europe and BIFBB Belgium have nevertheless decided to give you the option to choose a refund or another nice option.

#StaySafe #StandUnited

We call for common sense to prevail in this exceptional situation. The impact on the events industry is already enormous. We count on the solidarity of the public and thank everyone for their patience and understanding. Let’s help Covid out of the world together so you can start cheering on your favorite athlete again soon 😉

Below you will find the form that must be completed before 01 – 02 – 2022. All tickets after this date will be automatically transferred to the next Winter Classics 2021. This form must be completed before “01 – 02 – 2022“. Please also double-check whether your account number is correctly noted, otherwise, this may delay the refund process. If you have entered everything correctly, you can expect a refund. The reimbursement takes a little longer than normal in the corona times. In principle, the money will be in your account three months after the deadline for canceled events.


  • Check your order number
  • Check your account number IBAN number + BIC
  • Check your name. This must match the name on the original order.
  • Submit the form before 01 – 02 – 2022. After this, your ticket will automatically be converted to the Winter Classics
  • If you want to provide more information about your request for reimbursement, you can do this at the bottom of the form. Use the extra field to provide an explanation
    You do not need to take any additional actions after filling in the form


What options are there?

  • Reschedule ticket to Winter Classics 2022
  • Moving tickets to another ABC Events in the Benelux or to another BIFBB competition
  • Voucher for BIFBB products for the full amount spent
  • Support ABC Events and sponsor your ticket so they can continue organizing great events in 2022
    • If you choose the support option, you will receive an exclusive gift box
  • Refund tickets
    • The refund is subject to the following rules: the full amount minus administration costs and -10% of the total amount will be transferred back to your account.
      eg you have bought a ticket for € 30. You spent € 30.50 on this ticket. You will receive a refund of € 30.50 – 0.50 – 10% = € 27

For questions or comments, please contact us via email

DEADLINE 01 - 02 - 2022

Make sure to fill in this form before 01 - 02 - 2022 . After this date the ticket will be automatically transferred to the next BIFBB Winter Classics